Lori Miller, Equine Behavior Specialist, Trainer and Stuntwoman.   After 12 years as a bank manager, Lori left the conventional workplace to pursue her dream of working full-time with horses.   Her life since then has been anything but ordinary. Working under Equine Extremist, Tommie Turvey, Lori performed around the U.S., skiing behind a horse, racing chariots and roman riding, among many other things. She had the honor of training her own wild mustang and performing bareback jumping over fire, as well as showing him at liberty.   In 2009, Lori was privileged to be the stunt double in a feature film “The Greening of Whitney Brown”, released on DVD in 2012.  Since then she has continued to train and compete as well as pursue her career as a tv & movie horse wrangler.

For the full story about Living the Dream:  https://lorimillertraining.wordpress.com/about/living-the-dream/